Shaykh (Mufti) Faisal Al-Mahmudi (ghufira lahu wa li walidayhi)

Shaykh Mufti Faisal bin Abdul Hamid al Mahmudi was born in Pakistan. In his teenage years he travelled to Canada for higher education in Accounting and Finance. He did his Bachelors and Masters from University of Regina, Canada. Thereafter he chose to move to South Africa to pursue islamic studies in traditional seminary. He studied under the tutelage of auspicious ulama at Madrasah In’aamiyyah, Camperdown, South Africa (

He completed his Alim course over 6 years studying Usool al Fiqh, Fiqh, Usool al Hadeeth, Hadeeth (authenticated ijazah in Sihah Sittah), and Tafseer excelling every year with distinction. He is among the selected few who studied the entire Sahih al Bukhari, from cover to cover under Mufti Ebrahim Desai of

After his Alim course, he moved under the mentorship of Mufti Ebrahim Desai for specialization in Iftaa (issuing juristic verdicts). He completed his 2 years Iftaa in 2012 and received his Masters in Islamic Theology. At the same time he also completed his Masters Diploma specialization in Islamic Finance under Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

He has had the fortune of heading Darul Ifta’ Computer Department for Mufti Ebrahim Desai for 4 years while he studied at the Madrasah. Thereafter he also held his position as an Administrator for the Darul Ifta’ al Mahmudiya for 2 years.

Since then, he runs his own Question and Answer website He also runs an educational blog titled “QAFILA” at In 2014 he started an online Fiqh Institute called Abu Haneefah College of Fiqh, which later transformed into an umbrella body of ilmHub ( Some of his notes from Fiqh and Usool al Fiqh are being compiled for publication as well.

Currently he teaches a variety of courses for the ilmHub platform, as well as acting as a CEO/Principal for ilmHub activities. He also teaches Qur’an Tajweed on a full time basis with QSI (Quranic Sciences Instutute – under the auspices of Sheikh Muhammad Mahmood Khan Saheb.

The American Fiqh Academy (AFA) is a registered non-profit dedicated to academic research on contemporary juristic matters facing the American Muslim community by applying principles established by expert Muslim jurists (fuqaha), as derived from the Quran and Sunnah, within the framework of the four established Sunni schools of jurisprudence.

All content on this website and its related social media accounts is strictly for educational purposes and may not be used in a court of law without prior explicit written permission of the AFA.  AFA bears no responsibility toward any party that may or may not act on this material and hereby exempts itself from any loss or damage howsoever caused.

Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation is an Islamic Social and Educational Services organization, which provides services through its three divisions namely Shariah Board of America, Darululoom Chicago and Guidance Educational Academy. It was established in 1998 under the supervision of the eminent faqih of our era, Hazrat Shah Mufti Mohammed Navalur Rahman Sahib damat barakatuhum. It is a State of Illinois, registered 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization. For further details please 

In December 2007, DarusSalam Foundation purchased a 6.5-acre parcel of land with plans to build a masjid and academy. The construction of the Masjid was completed in July 2013 and its doors opened just days before the start of Ramadan.  In 2015, an additional 3.5-acre parcel of land was purchased and the parking lot was expanded with access to Swift Road, making a total of 400 parking spaces. In 2017, the parking lot was further expanded to accommodate for the spaces lost to the construction of the Phase 2 Seminary National Campus beginning the following year. In 2021 Construction of the Seminary Campus was completed, providing a much-needed facility for our rapidly growing Seminary.

Centrally located at the intersection of I-355 and North Avenue, DarusSalam Foundation is easily accessible to around 20 suburbs in which thousands of Muslim families reside. By the grace of Allah ﷻ, in addition to providing prayer accommodations for brothers and sisters, the 87,000-square-foot facility also offers over 20 classrooms, resource libraries, a funeral facility, an NCAA-sized gymnasium, a banquet hall, fitness centers, kitchens, and ample parking.


The goal of the Islamic Association of Arabi is to provide convenient places of worship, islamic education and dawah. We are in a process of establishing an Islamic School where children, local and from afar, can learn and memorize the Quran and become scholars of deen. We also perform community services such as marriage ceremonies, religious prayers for the deceased, and funeral services. The association is also committed to do dawah work, and help the dawah groups that travel for this noble effort. The association also conduts various halqas/programs in the masjid and other educational programs and community get together during Ramadan and other months.

One very important policy of the association is that it does not get involved in any politics, nor is it allowed in the masajids. The purpose of this is to make a comfortable, loving and brotherly environment in the Masajids. You comments and feedbacks are always welcome.


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