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Your Islamic questions answered by reliable Darul Iftas and Fatwa Departments all over the world
باسمه تعالى والصلاة والسلام على رسوله الكريم
IN THE NAME OF ALLAH ﷻ, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, and peace and blessings upon His final Messenger, Muhammad ﷺ, and upon his Family and Companions.

FatwaFinder.org was launched in 2021 as a one-stop web resource in order to direct Muslims across the globe to authentic Islamic rulings (Fatawa). In an age of many challenges, it is no secret that content online can be confusing, unverified or worse misleading. With assistance from multiple verified Darul Ifta Centres (Fatwa Departments) worldwide, we pray that this small effort is a means of alleviating some of these challenges for Muslims seeking answers to their questions. Our future aims are to develop this tool in order to include multiple languages and cross-madhahib services where possible.
We would like to take this opportunity to request the prayers of the reader for the continuation of this effort with sincerity and steadfastness - Ameen. Furthermore, we would welcome any opportunity to hear from you, either in the form of suggestions or corrections through our Contact Us page. You can also follow-us for new updates on (Social Medial Handle Links).

جزاكم الله خيرأ
Thank you

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