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IRTIS ( Institute for the Revival of Traditional Islamic Sciences )

IRTIS ( Institute for the Revival of Traditional Islamic Sciences )


The purpose of the Institute for the Revival of Traditional Islamic Sciences (معهد إحياء العلوم الإسلامية التقليدية (IRTIS)) can be found in the following ḥadīth,

يحمِلُ هذا العِلمَ من كلِّ خلَفٍ عدولُه ينفونَ عنهُ تحريفَ الجاهِلينَ وانتحالَ المبطلينَ وتأويلَ الغالينَ

Ibrāhīm ibn ʿAbdurraḥmān al-ʿUḍrī said that the Messenger of Allāh ‎‎ﷺ‎‎ said, “The just, possessors of Truth from every generation will preserve and safeguard this Knowledge from the distortions of the innovators, the assumptions of the prattlers and the misinterpretation of the ignorant.” (Transmitted by al-Bayhaqī)

This is by no means a claim by the Institute that we are worthy of the honourable rank as described by the Prophet ‎ﷺ‎‎. But rather this ḥadīth is understood as an instruction in that individuals from the Umma should be striving to partake in this work. That is the intention of the Institute and we pray that Allah the Almighty raises us amongst those described as the just and the possessors of Truth safeguarding His Dīn – Āmīn.

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