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Darul Ilm Birmingham

Darul Ilm Birmingham


Darul Ifta Birmingham was established in July 2006 by local scholars who felt that the Muslim community needed a platform to express their voice and questions. Living in a society stimulated by materialism and cultural superstitions, Muslims often find themselves neglecting the noble value of spiritual life. Personal and communal issues of the Muslim community are often brushed aside and not brought to the forefront. Darul Ifta Birmingham, by the grace of Almighty Allāh subḥānahu wa taʻāla was formed for the Muslim community to deal with the concerns and issues of the wider Muslim society.

Darul Ifta operates on a question and answer basis, allowing people to submit their questions on the Darul Ifta website and these questions are subsequently answered by one of the muftīs and can be viewed through the archives on the website.

Darul Ifta, though based in Birmingham, runs with the assistance, duʻās and regular rectification by the senior muftīs of Darul Uloom, Bury. The support and help from these senior muftīs is sincerely appreciated, and may Allāh subḥānahu wa taʻāla reward them for all their help. Āmīn.

Please feel free to recommend any suggestions to improve the website.

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