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DARULIFTA AL-IKHLAS provides solutions to Shariah based queries in light of Quran and Sunnah, in the form of Fatwa. The key objective of this initiative is to serve Muslims across the globe by facilitating use of modern communication technologies. Darulifta Al-ikhlas functions under the supervision of renowned religious scholars / Mufti’s (details are mentioned below).

It is being headed by it's founder, Mufti Muhammad Aqeel Munir sahib (damat barakatuhu). Since long, Mufti sahib have had an urge, that it is becoming increasingly difficult for common Muslims to approach religious scholars (Mufti’s), partly due to academic commitments of religious scholars (Mufti’s) and partly due to people’s own economic engagements impeding them from visiting religious scholars (Mufti’s).

Secondly, in today’s era, everyone wants an instant solution to his problem over the internet. In other words, they need a one touch solution to their each problem or queries.

Keeping this perspective in view, Mufti Aqeel DB made numerous WhatsApp groups, which received overwhelming response from the public, but since it had a limitation of members, therefore, a need was felt to develop a web-site, through which Muslims from all over the world (in English / Urdu) can receive timely solution to their queries in the light of Quran and Sunnah by religious scholars (Mufti’s). With this desire, he met his mentor Shaikh-ul-Islam, Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Sahab (مدظلہ العالی) for advice and presented him his work, who highly appreciated the effort, gave valuable advice and further encouraged "DARULIFTA AL-IKHLAS" by recording an audio message based on words of prayers (دعائیہ کلمات). Therefore, after support and prayers from the mentor, DARULIFTA AL-IKHLAS was set up.

Darulifta Al-ikhlas also welcomes people to meet religious scholars (Mufti’s) in person at our office or can send their queries on our web-site to obtain solution in English or Urdu in the light of Quran and Sunnah. The office of Darulifta Al-ikhlas located in Gulshan e Iqbal town, Karachi, Pakistan.

May ALLAH bless and accept this DARUL IFTA, utmost sincerity to those working for it, and spread it’s benefit to people all around the world. AAMEEN.

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